Should I Start Using Vitamin C?

Vitamin C was one of the most googled skin care terms of 2020. So does it deserve the hype and is it right for you?

Dr Ginni’s Evidence-based Skincare Routine

I have two alarm clocks, the one that rings at 5am and wakes me on the mornings that I am on TV, the other ones are the puppies who wake me at 5:45 most other mornings.

Causes of Skin Aging and What You Can Do About It

Our skin is a pretty incredible organ. It’s the largest in our bodies and its primary jobs are to protect our bodies from impacts, changes in pressure and temperature and to keep out “bad” things like harmful chemicals, radiation, micro-organisms and other foreign bodies.

Menopause and your skin

As most menopausal women will tell you, menopause means havoc for your skin. 

But seeing as menopause happens when both natural skin aging and premature skin aging (which is mainly caused by cumulative exposure to the sun) are starting to set in, it’s hard to tease out how many of the changes in your skin are due to aging and how many to menopause.