Evidence-based Beauty Tips: How to shrink pores

It’s one of the facial features that we are asked about most. When it comes to the things that make pores bigger and what can be done to change that, what does the evidence say?

Is Rosacea Hereditary?

Is Rosacea Hereditary?

Have you noticed that your face has started to get bumps that look like acne and your skin is often red?

Why do I have breakouts?

Why do I have breakouts?

The cause of your acne or pimples doesn’t just happen because of a single factor.

Apply your AHA the right way

Smoother, brighter skin? Smaller-looking pores? Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) can give you these and more.

Help! I have sensitive skin!

Help! I have sensitive skin!!!!

I nearly fell over when I found out that ‘sensitive skin’ is actually more of a marketing term than a medical one.

Sleep and Skin

Have you ever had a shocking night’s sleep and woken up not just feeling like cr*p but looking like it too?

Do I need a toner?

We don’t have a week go by without at least 1-2 emails asking us why ESK doesn’t have a toner in our range!