Help! I have sensitive skin!

Help! I have sensitive skin!!!!

I nearly fell over when I found out that ‘sensitive skin’ is actually more of a marketing term than a medical one.

Sleep and Skin

Have you ever had a shocking night’s sleep and woken up not just feeling like cr*p but looking like it too?

Do I need a toner?

We don’t have a week go by without at least 1-2 emails asking us why ESK doesn’t have a toner in our range!

Dr Ginni on Weekend Sunrise

Dr Ginni Speaks about Ethical Skin Care on Weekend Sunrise

Dr Ginni Mansberg is not only a co-founder here at ESK, but she is also one of Australia’s most well-known TV doctors.

Menopause and the skin

Holy hell!! As if getting to menopause wasn’t rotten enough (who knew peri-menopause was such a downer!?), menopause itself is a total bummer for the skin.

Top 6 Skincare Tips for Winter

You’re probably in the majority if you love the crisp, clear mornings. But you’re alone if you like the dry and sensitive skin that often accompanies them –