To Microneedle or not to Microneedle

The thought of using something to purposefully puncture the skin is a little bizarre. But starting in 1995 plastic surgeons were beginning to see the benefits of doing just that (using tattoo guns with no ink) for scar healing.

Should I Start Using Vitamin C?

Vitamin C was one of the most googled skin care terms of 2020. So does it deserve the hype and is it right for you?

Dr Ginni’s Evidence-based Skincare Routine

I have two alarm clocks, the one that rings at 5am and wakes me on the mornings that I am on TV, the other ones are the puppies who wake me at 5:45 most other mornings.

Evidence-based Beauty Tips: How to shrink pores

It’s one of the facial features that we are asked about most. When it comes to the things that make pores bigger and what can be done to change that, what does the evidence say?