Dr Ginni Speaks about Ethical Skin Care on Weekend Sunrise

Dr Ginni Mansberg is not only a co-founder here at ESK, but she is also one of Australia’s most well-known TV doctors. She is the Sunrise GP on Channel 7 and co-host of Embarrassing Bodies Down Under.

Over the weekend, Dr Ginni was invited to speak to Basil Zempilas and Monique Wright on Weekend Sunrise about ethical skin care and what that means to her – no harmful ingredients, not tested on animals (cruelty free), environmentally friendly and most importantly to Dr Ginni, being able to look someone in the eye and recommend an evidence based skin care solution that works. If you missed the segment, watch it below!

Dr Ginni has been advising viewers on a wide range of health topics for years and is one of the reasons the ESK Care evidence based skin care range was created.

“I got so many emails from viewers asking me which products they should buy. I started looking into it and to my utter dismay, despite the huge range of skincare products available in Australia, there was nothing I could recommend that matched the studies.”

ESK Care products are proudly Australian made, use no harmful ingredients, they are environmentally friendly, cruelty-free and to the best of our knowledge (and efforts) all ESK products are vegan.  We have plenty of happy, repeat customers that recommend the ESK range because of our high ethical standards, and of course the effectiveness of the products!

Are you ready to start taking care of your skin with an ethical, evidence based skin care range that works? Shop our skin care kits that suit your skin concerns here.

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