We offer shipping to most countries overseas and look forward to setting up roots all over the world.

But in the mean-time, we are shipping from Australia. And while we have fixed price or free shipping, every country has its own rules about customs, duties and taxes.

Rest assured you aren’t paying Australian sales taxes, but your order may be held by customs in your country and only released when you pay assessed duties and taxes (eg. VAT).

We recommend checking what rules apply to importing internet bought products to your country before making the purchase.

We look forward to the day when we have set up operations in your country and we can supply products directly to you (will all relevant taxes and duties included). But until then, with the unique rules that apply to your country, the changes in those rules over time and the way they are practically implemented, we urge you to find out whether your purchase may be held by customs in your country of purchase and what if any charges may have to pay to release the products.

With all of that said. We’re glad we can get the products to you now and look forward to the day when we are able to get them to you without any uncertainty. Hoping that you and your friends love the products so much that it makes that day come that much sooner 😊

Best Regards

Daniel and Ginni