Skincare is frequently referred to as a practice for the ladies, which for a lot of men, is a bit of a deterrent.

It wasn’t long ago that most skin care was just cosmetic and the usual approach to being sun smart was putting on the tanning oil. But things have come a long way in the last 15 to 20 years. Not only are we more aware of the risks from excessive UV exposure, but there is now good evidence for the ability of cosmeceutical ingredients to result in real changes in the underlying structure and aging process of the skin.

Men can take care of their skin too – no really!

esk skin care mensSo while the masculine stereotype is changing (the men’s skin care category is one of the fastest growing categories in skin care), many of us guys, still have mixed feelings about choosing and using skin care.

But if we needed a little more of a nudge to look after it: Skin is the body’s largest organ and it is our first line of defence, protecting our body from germs, bacteria and pollution. In addition to improved overall health, looking after it can also reduce the risk of skin cancer – the most common form of Cancer in Australia – Convinced?

Personally I never used any skincare (and rarely used sunscreen) until Ginni and I started ESK. And even now, while I am passionate about ESK, at a personal level, I can feel like I am being overly indulgent if I spend too long thinking about which skin care products to use for myself and how long I should spend looking after my skin. Don’t get me wrong, I want to have great skin, it’s just that I want a really quick routine that is going to be effective.

While male and female skin is fundamentally the same (so we can all use the same products), men can sometimes have thicker, rougher and more oily skin than women, which means that products should be considered with this in mind. There are a few other factors, too, which make men’s skin a little different, such as:

Shaving – many men shave their face daily, which can leave skin irritated and dry. Shaving rash and razor burn is common, and shaving may reduce the skin’s natural moisture barrier.

Sun damage – men have higher rates of skin cancer[1], and while obviously both men and women are affected by the sun, men’s skin can end up more exposed since they’re not using SPF based makeup, like many women do. Lower SPF usage will lead to higher rates of skin damage and the associated aging effect

With all of that in mind, we created the ESK men’s kit. using evidence based ingredients, the kit includes:

  • Hydroxy Cleanser,
  • C Serum Lite,
  • Zinc Shade (broad-spectrum spf) and,
  • Ultimate A +.

Effective, quick and easy to use – it’s a no fuss regime for smoother and protected skin. And the fact that your skin will look younger and better, well that’s just a happy side effect.

So, go on get on the men’s skin care train and treat yourself or the man in your life to better skin in 2019.

Daniel Rubinstein
ESK Care Co-Founder

[1] Skin Cancer in Australia



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