Your Sensitive Skin Information

When introducing a new regimen, you may experience some short term “Settling in” changes to your skin. IF they do happen, it is likely to be in the first month of use and last a few days (almost always less than a week) – and they are considered normal.

A few dry patches

A few new dry patches in your skin at the beginning of a new routine is quite common. As long as they’re around two or three small patches and last for no more than about 5 days, they are nothing to worry about.

A new pimple or two

As the skin turnover increases, you may experience a spot or even three. Again, if there are only a few, give it up to 5 days. They should pass and you are well on your way to better skin.

Your skin cells do not turn over in 24 hours, they take more like 28 days. To see some real changes in your skin, you need to give it 3 weeks, at least - possibly more! And some ingredients (like Vitamin A) have been shown to have effect even after 4 years!

If there is anything that you are unsure or concerned about, please let us know (by email: or by phone 1300 884 875) and we will do all we can to help.

Wishing you luck and hoping that you love the products as much as we do.