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“What’s my secret to excellent skin? Having a bestie who runs her own skincare company! 

Doctor Ginni isn’t just my buddy, she’s sorting out my perimenopause AND keeping my skin in tip top shape. 

Seriously, I’ve put all of my other friends on warning to life their game.”


“My tailored E.S.K skincare set has exceeded all my expectations. I actually didn’t realise how dull and badly pigmented my skin was until seeing my own 4 weeks progress and honestly being in complete shock of the difference it has made! 

I feel so much more confident now to let my natural skin be on show and not having to hide it behind a face full of make up. I will 100% continue to use this regime as if it can make this difference in just one month imagine what the long term results can be. 

Would highly recommend them to anyone that is facing their own skincare issues.”


“I am 71 and have been using your products for several months. They are truly a gift to uplift my aging tired skin. As you can see the marked difference in the before photo shows a huge improvement in skin quality 2 months later with fewer wrinkles, lighter and brighter tones. Great boost to my self esteem and confidence. The initial investment may seem expensive but the quality is superb and cost effective as a little goes a long way. I am addicted to these products. Everything else is a waste of time 😊 THANK YOU 😊” 


“Hi, my name is Kelly and I have suffered with problematic skin for most of my life. I had terrible acne and chicken pocks as a child that resulted in scarring. Then along came the fine lines and wrinkles. To make things worse, the pimples have still been a constant nuisance. My biggest concern, as I’ve aged, not so gracefully, has been the dark age spots and pigmentation. After trying many different products I heard about E.S.K! I remember asking a friend of mine what she was doing and referred to her as ‘Benjamin Button’, as she was looking more youthful and absolutely glowing. I bought my first travel pack straight away and have been so thrilled with the immediate results. In just under two weeks, I have seen a massive change! The regime is incredibly easy to follow, you don’t need much of it and it is an Australian product! I am finally proud of my skin and cannot wait to see what my face looks like in a month! I am so grateful! Thank you E.S.K!”


“My results are absolutely amazing and my skin is actually glowing! I have been using the Rosacea kit for 3 months now and my usually sensitive skin has not reacted adversely to any of the products including the Reverse C Serum. I had a review with my Dermatologist in October, who told me that I have great skin and my rosacea is hardly noticeable.”


“The Ultimate A is mind blowingly 20 times more superior than Retinol. Yet it doesn’t make my skin peel at all! It gives me all the benefits of a strong retinol serum without the annoying parts, all I’ve been asking for!”


“These products are amazing – sort of given up on myself.  The products smell beautiful and my skin feels so smooth.  My skin doesn’t feel so old and tired as before and my neck is definitely looking more firm.

The product numbering system makes them a breeze to use. Absolutely I will continue to use.

I can’t thank you enough for making these products so easy to access.”


“I have been using E.S.K now for 4 months and the difference I have seen and felt is beyond amazing. Being from the health care industry myself I know the importance of evidence based and scientifically tested products. I have searched for years to find a skin care range that is both gentle and safe but also effective, my skin has never been clearer. My pigmentation and skin tone are now even and I feel like I have a healthy glow. I am now happy to go without makeup and I can’t recommend E.S.K products more highly. Thank you.”


“Acne, rosacea, uneven texture and tone, hormonal breakouts resulting in a lack of confidence. I have taken a before photo with make up on (to cover up my skin issues) and an after photo with no make up on. I can not thank ESK enough for helping me feel comfortable in my own skin again and feel confident without wearing make up! It has made my morning and evening routine quicker and easier, it has strengthened my skin in a short time and most importantly, it has made me feel good about myself!”


“I have noticed a huge change in my complexion using the Rosacea kit with reduced redness and smoother, clearer skin. I tried quite a few products last year that continually aggravated my skin so I’m so happy to have discovered ESK. Thanks for a great product which actually works! Also wanted to mention your amazing customer service. I’ve never had anyone follow up with me before to see what works for me and that was so nice. Tess took the time to give me advice and I even got to try a new product sample. It took a bit longer than the month for my skin to get used to the products though definitely worth the wait.”


“My mum introduced me to ESK and within four weeks it transformed my skin. Previously, I had bought many products in the hopes they would clear my skin. They failed in comparison, making my skin worse- I was left with dryness, irritation and painful cystic acne. I was also taking antibiotics which were destroying my gut and left me feeling terrible. I will never use any other acne regime again. ESK has been the best decision I have ever made for my skin. I recommend everyone with skin issues to give it a go, you are guaranteed beautiful results! I would also like to say a big thankyou to the staff of ESK. The customer service I have received has been amazing, everyone has been so lovely!”


“I’m very impressed with my new skincare regime. ESK recommended a skincare pack for me after I answered a few questions. 1 week after  receiving my skincare I had a friendly phone call to make sure l was happy with everything.  I have skin pigmentation and feel that my skin now  has more of an even tone and a healthy glow. My skin feels soft  and smooth. There are more days now l can go without makeup. Thankyou for your recommendation.”


“If you saw my story a couple of months ago you would have seen I struggle with pigmentation problems since my pregnancy and maybe age…so I started using @eskskincare and I am already noticing a huge change in my skin (the very first photo I took was so bad that I didn’t even post it and I actually wanted to cry) they have been so great with helping me and I highly recommend their products! I still have pigmentation however it has faded and will continue to (swipe to see the difference over the last few weeks)”


“I’ve just turned 60 and have been looking for a good quality yet economical product to use to keep my skin looking and feeling youthful.

The after pic may not look much different but my skin certainly feels younger and softer. Some of the blemishes and wrinkles seem less visible.
I love how easy the products are to use. I don’t need my glasses to see the numbers on the bottles and the pump is quick.
I thought the serum was too heavy at first, but my skin looks forward to it each morning when I apply it after the cream cleanser. I let it soak in and do it’s magic.
The eye cream which I bought later has done wonders to minimise the puffy dark bags under my eyes.
I love to use ESK everyday and have noticed the difference in just a month. “


“I have noticed an overall difference in the feel of my skin, it feels more plump and the colour has evened out. Wrinkles appear to have less depth. I have just started to use eye serum which I am excited about. Extremely impressed with results so far, only regret is I wish I had started using it sooner.”


“I would just like to say how impressed I am with ESK skin care. I turn the big 60 this year and have be looking for a skin care for mature skin. I was watching Sunrise and Ginni came on talking about ESK. So I thought I would give it ago and I loved the fact that it was made in Australia. I received my pack about a month ago and took a before photo. I love the way the cleanser made my skin feel so clean and light and the way the products sunk straight into my skin. Which I have been looking for forever. Most products just sit on top of my skin which is frustrating and can be very expensive. I took a selfie a few days ago and was really happy with the results I can see a difference. My skin looks smoother and plumper. Finally something that works! Thanks ESK”


“Well what a remarkable change my face has had, I have now been using your skin now for 6mths and what a difference I have experienced, my skin not only looks heaps better but also feels amazing. The softness of the skin is unbelievable. Very very happy and I have actually weaned myself off my Roacatane. I have tried coming off it before and within a month my face would be a mess and would have to go back on to control the acne rosacea again.
I will attach photos of before treatment and now.
Once again Thank You again for your amazing product.”


“To tell you how HAPPY I am with my ESK results….as mentioned I just needed a little longer than the 3 weeks to clear up a bit more but each day I could see my face getting better & better so I knew it was still doing it’s thing! I have found my forever skin care I am so happy I found you guys!
This product is amazing & I am happy to show the world that it works! I know how frustrating & disheartening it is spending so much money on skincare & not getting results. If showing people my results helps anyone who is so down about their skin get such fantastic results while also getting this product the recognition it deserves I am happy to help x”


“I have been using E.S.K now for 4 months and the difference I have seen and felt is beyond amazing. Being from the health care industry myself I know the importance of evidence based and scientifically tested products. I have searched for years to find a skin care range that is both gentle and safe but also effective, my skin has never been clearer. My pigmentation and skin tone are now even and I feel like I have a healthy glow. I am now happy to go without makeup and I can’t recommend E.S.K products more highly. Thank you.”



“I have been using ESK skincare products for about 8 months now and I’m absolutely loving the results. I’m in my 50’s and was concerned with ageing and dryness. I find the ESK products have really improved my dry skin and overall skin texture. I also find the pump application great and one pump gives you the right amount so you’re not wasting any product.
I was initially drawn to ESK because it is Australian made, evidence based and cruelty free but have continued with it because I’m loving the results and find it’s great value for money. I initially purchased the Reverse C Serum and Eye Cream but have since added Zinc Shade and the Hydroxy Cleanser to my routine and I’ve just purchased the night routine pack which I’m yet to try.”

“The Reverse C Serum has made a huge improvement to my dryness and I love how it makes my skin feel. The Hydroxy Cleanser is a foaming cleanser and my skin feels really clean after using it. It is easy to apply in the shower each morning which works for me as I like a simple routine when it comes to skin care. The eye cream has improved my eye area and I feel I have less fine lines and Zinc Shade is a great addition to go over the Reverse C Serum to give me the sun protection I need during the day.
All in all I’m very happy with the products and couldn’t recommend them more highly.”


“I have been so impressed with the results of using ESK. My skin is feeling smoother and I have noticed a difference in the fine lines around my eyes and forehead.”