You’re probably in the majority if you love the crisp, clear mornings. But you’re alone if you like the dry and sensitive skin that often accompanies them – Luckily there are things you can do in your skin care regime, to limit if not avoid that less pleasant winter guest.

So here are our top 6 skin care tips for winter


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You may need to add a moisturising step particularly to your morning skin care regime, or replace one of your products with a more moisturising version. There are actually different types of moisturisers, each with it’s own properties, benefits and drawbacks¹. For more info on different types of moisturisers and which ones to choose in winter, click here.

Exfoliate (gently)

Drier skin often means rough skin, so gentle exfoliation with low concentration hydroxy acids (glycolic, lactic and salicylic acids) will not only smooth the skin, but also attract moisture to the outer layer of the skin². For more info about exfoliation, click here.

Sun Protection

You may not get burnt by the winter sun, but that’s because UVB radiation is very low in winter. UVA radiation, the rays that tan the skin and are the primary cause of premature skin ageing and may result skin cancers, is still out in force in winter – from sun-up to sunset and it can penetrate glass and clouds³! So don’t forget your broad spectrum sunscreen. For more on how to choose the right sunscreen for your skin, click here.

Showers: Shorter and cooler

It sometimes feels like there is no other way to get warm in winter, but long hot showers reduce moisture in the skin, drying it out. And rubbing with a towel to dry, can also make things worse. Ways to reduce the drying effect of showers is to use a lower heat, keep them short, pat (rather than rub) dry and apply moisturisers while you’re still warm and damp.

Ditch the soap

If you’ve been thinking about switching to a soap-free cleanser, winter is the best time to try. Soaps (like sodium laurel sulphate) can be very alkaline and like bleach and detergent, they can be drying and irritating that’s not a happy place for skin. Soap-free cleansers tend to be just as effective at cleansing, but far less harsh on your skin⁴.

Dry lips? Try an eye cream

There haven’t been any studies or expert opinions on this one, but many eye creams have film forming ingredients, which limit moisture loss from the skin. So if dry lips have you reaching for the lip balm every 10 minutes, try a little eye cream instead, it probably won’t feel as nourishing, but you may find it does a better job.

So rug up and enjoy the cool change.

Our recommended Winter skin care pack is the Mature / Dry Skin Kit which contains a Calming Cleanser, Reverse C Serum, Zinc Shade, Smooth Serum and Ultimate A.

¹ Sethi et. Al 2016, Indian Journal of Dermatology
² Kornhauser et atl. 2010
³ Skin cancer foundation
⁴ Australian College of Dermatologists

Moisturisers – how to choose the right one for you

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