And is based on a simple philosophy; evidence and integrity. As a doctor, whenever I appear on TV to talk about health issues, there are 2 things that are always on my mind: What does the evidence say and how can I translate that into something that is usable? Well there is a third thing… being human, I care about how I look on camera.

With skin that was not great to start with and one that wasn’t getting any younger, I was always looking for a good skin care regime. One that was evidence based and effective, and because I so often feel time pressured, one that’s both quick and easy to use. No matter how may products I tried, I could not find ones that met those criteria. More frustratingly, what I found mostly were companies using marketing pseudo-science targeting the insecurities of their audience.

In 2012, I hit peak frustration and together with my husband, set out to create a range of skin care that was everything that I was looking for (and nothing like what I could find in the market).

So we worked with doctors, dermatologists and scientists, to create a range that was Evidence based, Effective, Easy to use and Ethical. Available originally only through medical practitioners, in 2016 we expanded to launch ESK – making it available to everyone.

We’re proud of what we have created, it’s everything that we wanted it to be and most importantly: It’s skin care that simply works.