ESK or – Evidence Skin Care – marks a new approach to skin care and is based on a simple philosophy – Evidence and Integrity.

In 2012, tired with all the “fluff” in this market, husband and wife team Daniel Rubinstein and Dr Ginni Mansberg founded an anti-aging skin care company to fill the gap in the market for an evidence-based skin care range.

Together with doctors, dermatologists and scientists, their Australian based company formulated and manufactured a range of skin care products based on the best available published scientific evidence. Available originally for distribution through medical practitioners only, in 2016 they expanded their range to launch ESK.

Using only active ingredients in the forms, concentrations and formulations supported by the strongest evidence; and with NO harmful chemicals, preservatives or perfumes – ESK is available to everyone and is designed to suit a variety of skin types to help reverse skin damage and slow the aging process.

We at ESK are proud to present what we believe are the best anti-aging creams and serums on the market. Its skin care that simply works.