• What is The Science Club?+

    It’s ESK’s Loyalty Program available to everyone! We give you points on your orders, which you can redeem on future purchases.

  • How do I join?+

    Simply create an account here.

  • Is it free to join?+


  • Will I receive anything for joining?+

    Yes, when you create an account, you will receive 80 points! When you enter into a new ‘level’ you will gain extra points.

  • How do I earn points?+

    Each time you shop, you will receive 1 point per $1AUD spent. You must be logged into your account to receive them!

  • When can I use the points?+

    You can use the points in these increments:
    300 points = $15AUD
    400 points = $20AUD
    500 points = $25AUD
    1000 points = $50AUD

  • How do I use the points on desktop / mobile+

    At checkout, there will be a dropdown of coupons. You will only be able to use the coupons which are available to you.

  • Can I use several, separate coupons at a time?+

    No, only one coupon can be used at a time.
    You can accumulate your points and save them for a higher value coupon, or redeem them earlier and get multiple small coupons (but can’t you use them in the same order).

  • Do points expire?+

    Yes they do. If you have not made a purchase, or used any points after 12 months, then they will expire.

  • How is my ‘Science Club Level’ determined?+

    Your level is determined by how much you spend each ‘rolling’ year.
    Level 1 - $0 - $500AUD
    Level 2 - $500 - $1000AUD
    Level 3 - $1000 - $1500AUD
    Level 4 - $1500+ AUD

  • Why am I in Level 1 (Iron Fe) if I have spent over $2000 previously?+

    As this is a new rewards program, your rolling year date starts from the day of our launch (1st of November 2022) or from the day you create an account with us, after this date. You can now move up and down levels per ‘rolling’ year depending on your amount spent.

    For T&Cs, see here.

  • What is a rolling year?+

    A rolling year starts when you create an account, or if you had an account with us previously from the 1st of November 2022. Each time you change levels, you retain your new level status for 12 months.

  • What happens at the start of a new year?+

    If you have kept the same level for 12 months, at your refresh date, you will be allocated into a level depending on your last 12 months spend level. You will still keep your points (unless expired).

  • How do I check my current level and how many points I have?+

    Login to your account and then click ‘My Science Club

  • How do I get $15 for referring someone?+

    1.Login to your account.
    2.Head over to this link.
    3.Type in your friend’s email address that doesn’t have an ESK account or hasn’t purchased from us before.
    4.Hit send!

    They will receive an email with a special link. Once they have made their first purchase using your special referral link, you will receive 300 points (which equals $15AUD) in your account ready for you to use!
    Note for your friend - It will have to be your friend’s first order and a minimum spend of $215AUD. The $15 discount will bring the total to $200 and they will not need to add more.

  • Can I refer more than 1 friend?+

    Absolutely! You can refer as many friends as you like. You can also check their status to see if they have completed a purchase or they are still pending.