February Science Wrap

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February Science Wrap

28 February 2024

Dr Ginni Mansberg

While summer is seeing us sweat, toss and turn at night and even break out, some of the ESK team escaped the heat to the iciest London winter for the Menopause in Aesthetics conference. I spoke on all things menopause and skin to a packed audience of doctors and other clinicians interested (as I am) in the nexus of hormonal issues and your skin. Meanwhile we’re riding high on your amazing feedback about Hydraboost HA serum. We have been listening to you when you asked for an HA serum. We were meticulously going through the studies to determine the best ingredients for this product. We knew we wanted a mix of molecular weight Hyaluronic acid fragments and we wanted to include panthenol to ensure Hydraboost is hydrating and has skin barrier repairing properties. We love the final result and by the sounds of things you do too!! Keep your suggestions coming! We will continue to scour the journals for supporting evidence!

Dry skin? Head to the gym!

Japanese study published in the latest version of the journal, Dermatology Reports, finds exercise improves skin hydration. The study was tiny- only 37 people. But all were couch potatoes with dry skin. One group started to exercise 150 minutes of moderate intensity activity, or more than 75 minutes of vigorous intensity physical activity a week. The other group kept sitting and watching Netflix (or some other non exercise activity.) Otherwise there were no differences (it’s not like one group got more skincare than the other). After 8 weeks the researchers measured skin hydration and the exercisers had higher levels of skin hydration. Given that for free we can throw in better sleep and mental health, fewer heart attacks and strokes and cancers, and less obesity, it’s a bit of a no-brainer. 

The importance of sticking with a good skincare regime for Rosacea!

Anyone with rosacea knows that it’s important to try to avoid a flare. Once one starts, it can be really hard to settle the skin down again (at least 90 days the authors said). A panel of 6 Brazilian and one US dermatologists got together to create a mission statement on rosacea maintenance- which is rare. Most studies focus on manging flares. It was published in the International Journal of Dermatology. “Maintenance phase success depends on patient's adherence to daily skin care,” the dermatologists said. In other words sticking to your skincare every day is key. They also recommended gentle cleansing and sticking to physical sunscreen if possible. Unless the physical sunscreen is so slimy that getting it off requires scrubbing! 

Hyaluronic acid serum for acne and acne scars

I was fascinated by an Iranian randomized, double‐blind clinical trial of HA serum plus Botox published in the latest issue of the journal Skin Research and Technology. 16 patients with acne and acne scars. They basically had 2 sessions of Botox and used HA serum daily for 6 months. All had benefits in terms of acne scars. Intriguingly the HA serum group had a major decrease in the number of both large and fine pores! None reported any side effects from using the HA serum and all reported that they felt their skin was much healthier. We always think of HA serum as a hydrator and for wound healing. But here is another use. A study of only 6 people so we need more robust research. But I thought I’d include it because it’s so fascinating!!

Enjoy the end of summer in Australia and New Zealand and the end of a brutal winter in the Northern Hemisphere! I’ll be back next month with more studies for your enjoyment!!