March Science Wrap 2023

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March Science Wrap 2023

29 March 2023

Ginni Mansberg

In case you missed it, ESK’s Ageless patches were nominated by the Today Show in the USA as the most innovative beauty product of 2023.

Yep, it went OFF!! WE sold out within hours and had to put the patches on back order. This has brought a whole heap of Americans to our Aussie skincare brand! If you’ve just found us - WELCOME!!!

We’re all about science, evidence, efficacy and integrity at ESK! Every month, my light bedtime reading involves trawling through science journals, downloading studies and presenting them to our ESK community so that you, too can be up to date with the LATEST real evidence!

So, our March Science wrap will look at the latest studies of dissolving hyaluronic microneedle patches!!!

Hyaluronic acid dissolving microneedles for under eye wrinkles - oh yes!!!

In this exciting Chinese study published in the journal, Dermatologic Therapies, people with wrinkles under the eyes were randomized to get either hyaluronic acid dissolving microneedles treatments or non-ablative fractional laser which the authors considered the “gold standard” for treating these wrinkles.

In terms of the patches, they were used once a day for 20  days, then once every two days for 20 days. Finally, they were used every three days for the final 21 days. Each patch was only left on for 1 hour. The patches contained no actives. The laser was used just once.

The results?

Great improvements in both. The laser treatment improvements were visible by week 2 and the patches by week 8.

But those getting laser needed more down time for redness, burning, pain and scabbing. This was not seen in the people using the patches.

Also, all lasers, including non ablative fractional lasers can cause post inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

This wasn’t measured in this study, but pigmentation is not a known consequence of dissolving hyaluronic acid microneedle patches. The price seems comparable.

For the number you’d need to replicate the study, you’d need 5 ESK Ageless 4 packs ($700 AUD). I found non ablative fractional laser for $660 per session for 2 areas.

Given that studies of patches with actives in the needles have outstanding results, and you can conveniently use them at home and minus the risk of pain, redness and rebound pigmentation, I’d say the patches come out ahead!

Can dissolving hyaluronic microneedle patches help eczema?

Here at ESK we are slightly obsessed with any research on dissolving hyaluronic microneedle patches.

So I was drawn to a small Korean study published in the Journal, Archives of Dermatological Research of microneedles for eczema.

People with eczema either had needle-less patches applied to the skin or dissolving hyaluronic microneedle patches.

No active ingredients were added to either patches - just the microneedles.

Either way the patches were applied to an eczema- affected patch of skin for between 6 and 8 hours at a time 3 times a week for just 2 weeks.

Using a score sheet called L-SCORAD, which assesses eczema severity, both groups saw improvements but more so in those using the microneedle patches.

They were only going for 2 weeks. Of course, the authors called for bigger and longer trials.

I’d love to see some skin barrier enhancing ingredients like Niacinamides and even ceramides added.

We’ll keep you posted!

A patch instead of a needle for anaesthetic? Yes please!

If you’ve ever needed stitches for a cut, or a mole removed, you’ll remember that the injection of local anaesthetic is the worst bit!

A group of Indonesian doctors have developed dissolving hyaluronic microneedle patches containing local anaesthetic, which deliver the anaesthetic into the skin, without much spill over into the blood stream.

Too much anaesthetic can cause dreadful problems like agitation, confusion, dizziness, tinnitus, numbness in the lips, metallic taste in the mouth and more.

The study was done on rats but the authors were enthusiastic about the opportunities for using this new technology for a safe and effective, painless delivery of local anaesthetic!

Anyone who’s tried our ESK Ageless or Spotless patches knows they’re painless and a great option.

Ageless: Microneedle Patches

Ageless: Microneedle Patches

2600 dissolving microneedles melt under the surface of the skin for improved delivery of active ingredients. Designed for the under eye area and for fine lines and wrinkles anywhere on your face (think crow's feet, smile lines, forehead wrinkles).

  • More efficient delivery of traditional active ingredients for improved results.
  • Reduce fine lines and increased skin elasticity and volume
  • Reduced pigmentation

New and improved: With caffeine having emerging evidence in anti-aging (improving the skin barrier and boosting microcirculation), we added it to Ageless along with 30% more microneedles to reduce under eye bags and puffiness!

Microneedle eye patch - 4 pack contains 16 patches. 

Not for use while pregnant or breastfeeding.

Spotless: Microneedle Patches

Spotless: Microneedle Patches

Banish and fade early stage pimples with 300 dissolving Hyaluronic Acid microneedles tipped with Salicylic Acid, Vitamin B3, Tea Tree Oil and Green Tea.

  • Reduce the size & severity of early-stage pimples
  • Manage acne and acne scars
  • No irritation, redness or rebound pigmentation
Each pack contains 8 patches. Each patch is single use.