Science Wrap Up July 2023

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Science Wrap Up July 2023

31 July 2023

Ginni Mansberg

July has been another huge month for us. We launched a new product, our Gentle Glow PHA serum which is perfect for my irritable rosacea prone skin.

The launch itself was fantastic. Thanks to our Gold Coast community for showing up and giving us such a warm welcome!

We are well into planning 2 more product launches in the next few months- stay tuned!

We said (temporary) good bye to Mahla from marketing who has made her dreams come true being a travelling nomad in Europe…. And welcomed Vanessa (Ness) to our expanding Queensland team!

Here is my latest science wrap for July!

Red skin with acne? Nothing to sneeze at!

One of the stranger studies I have encountered, this Thai study of 30 acne sufferers with red skin was pretty odd. They were given a clear serum like liquid to apply to their face twice daily for 12 weeks.

One group were using a placebo- the other group were using oxymetazoline hydrochloride, a solution that you may well have squirted up your nose when you have a blocked nose.

The results?

The people using the nasal spray-as face serum started to look much better at around the 8 week mark.

Their skin was less red and had fewer zits to boot. So, should you divert your cold and flu nasal spray towards your forehead?

Not so fast! We need bigger trials to confirm the trend, and there is good evidence for current approaches to treating acne.

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The many faces of Botox

If you love Botox for your 11 lines, you’ll be intrigued to hear what else it can be used for!

Speaking at the Australasian College of Dermatologists Annual Scientific Meeting in Sydney last month, dermatologist, Dr Belinda Welsh pointed to the uses of Botox for some of the skin concerns that trouble so many of us.

She pointed to a Chinese review of 9 (mainly low quality) studies published in 2021 in which Botox was successfully used to treat rosacea!

The reason? Botox reduces one of the immune system reactions that can contribute to redness!

She also looked at another Botox study, this time from itchy skin that happens in large skin folds- often because of trapped sweat and recurrent skin infections. All had some improvement, although 37% had a relapse within 6 months.

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Here we go! A menopause skincare brand sponsors a study ….. I’m calling BS

With the proliferation of skincare brands promising menopause-specific skincare, I wasn’t surprised to see L’Oreal Research and Innovation sponsor a study of its own skincare brand for peri and menopausal women

It was published in the latest issue of the journal Skin Research and Technology.

In this study 200 women with peri and menopause not on HRT and using no skincare started using the specialized skincare.

When I say specialized I mean not menopause specific. Because there’s no such thing. The skincare included niacinamide, hyaluronic acid, vitamins C and E plus glycolic acid along with some non-evidence based ingredients such as Vichy volcanic mineralizing water.  

The women in the study not surprisingly had some improvements in the appearance of their skin and also in their self-perceived quality of life.

That will happen if you introduce evidence based actives to any aging skin- especially someone who hasn’t used any skincare before. That’s not rocket science!

To claim that these products are menopause specific is false and to market this to vulnerable people going through a change of life at a time when so many of us are uncertain and our confidence is in the toilet is close to unconscionable.

Anybody could use this skincare- including men. It won’t be the last! Excuse me while I just take a chill pill and try not to be too peeved!!

Menopause Kit

Menopause Kit

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