Hydroxy Overnight Mask

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Salicylic Acid-based exfoliating and hydrating leave-on night mask, for acne-prone, oily, sun-damaged or sensitive skin. With soothing Aloe Vera, it helps to remove keratin and old skin cells while you sleep, ensuring new skin can thrive. As well as a mask, it can also be used as a spot treatment for breakouts or dry and chapped skin.


Note: should not be used during pregnancy.

5 reviews for Hydroxy Overnight Mask

  1. Sanya Zulfiqar

    Absolutely loooove this overnight mask! Why do I say so? It leaves my face glowing in the morning and doesn’t let it dry at all. Super hydrating mask! Would recommend everyone to try this one!

  2. Danielle Appi (verified owner)

    This overnight mask is a game changer for me! My skin is soft, dewy & glowing – the best it’s been in many years despite being 50! Thank you ESK, I’m a very happy customer 🙂

  3. Emerson Gibbs

    I’ve been trialling this product for a few months now, I was absolutely blown away with the results in only a short amount of time. It’s great for those nights when you haven’t got the time to use every step in your skincare routine and a huge plus.. you wake up with soft glowing skin!

  4. Kelly Cousins

    I love this product! I have only started using this but the moment I put it on I could feel my skin the softest it’s ever felt. I used it as an overnight mask and the next morning my skin was clear and smooth. My foundation went on the smoothest it has ever done. I love it!

  5. Steph C

    I love the Hydroxy Overnight Mask, I can feel it’s rejuvenation! Thank you ESK for helping my skin clear up and for softer, more glowing skin!

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With 5% Salicylic Acid (Beta Hydroxy Acid) for exfoliation and 10% Urea to moisturise and soften the skin this overnight mask is on skin that is prone to acne. It is also better tolerated (than Alpha Hydroxy acids) and highly moisturising and can be used as an occasional leave on exfoliation treatment for aging skin which is drier and has a tendency to sensitivity.


Being related to Aspirin, Salicylic acid has anti-inflammatory properties and is generally well tolerated 1. It exfoliates the skin 2 and has been shown to be effective in reducing acne 3, managing some of the signs of premature (sun induced) skin aging 4 (especially hyperpigmentation) and psoriasis 5. Its effectiveness as an exfoliator as also been shown to be enhanced when formulated with Urea 6 which is a (humectant) moisturising agent.

Salicylic Acid

Use 1 – 2 times a week at night after cleansing, in place of other night-time products. May also be
used as a spot treatment for pimples (as needed). Discontinue use if irritation occurs.

Not for use during pregnancy.

Aqua, Urea, Alcohol, Cetearyl Alcohol, Propylene Glycol, Salicylic Acid, Glycerin, Glyceryl Stearate, PEG-100 Stearate, Sodium PCA, Dimethicone, Lanolin, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Ceteareth-20, Tocopheryl Acetate, PEG-20 Stearate, Phenoxyethanol, Caprylyl Glycol.