ESK 2022 Year in Review

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ESK 2022 Year in Review

26 December 2022

As I sit contemplating the final sunsets of 2022, I wanted to start by saying thanks to you, our incredible customers.

You will never know what your support, your beautiful comments and feedback, your posts and emails mean to us.

It’s a bit cheesy but this is what it’s all about to us. It’s YOU feeling the best you can, loving your skin, loving to look in the mirror instead of dreading it… you feeling free to live your life without having to worry about your skin.

It’s what makes us get up with in a spring in our step and love what we do every day.  

2022 was another big year for ESK.

Early in the year came the fulfilment of 2 years of intense research and planning as ESK stepped into the dissolving microneedling space.

Microneedles have been proven to give the tiniest skin injury that stimulate cells that promote healing and with that grow new collagen and skin cells.

Plus, they create tiny channels that allow more of your actives into the skin instead of having to be slowly absorbed.

The advent of dissolving microneedles made of that blockbuster skin building block, hyaluronic acid has seen the benefits of microneedling step up even more, painlessly delivering hyaluronic acid plus a bunch of actives directly INTO the skin.

Our anti-aging AGELESS patches launched in April, closely followed by our acne busting Spotless patches in June. These patches have brought ESK to a whole new group of customers all over the world as well as new clinics and dermatologists. 

Not long after this we officially celebrated our 5th birthday!! After one (or 10) donuts too many, menopause became our focus. I originally wrote The M Word- How to Thrive in Menopause back in 2019. But this year my best mate, Shelly Horton and I launched our beloved Menopause in The Workplace offering called Don’t Sweat It.

It has been such an exciting journey. Stay tuned. We’re doing some huge things in 2023! Here at ESK, we launched our Menopause and Peri-menopause kits, curated to give you skincare for the stage of life you’re in.  

I love writing and this year we re-released some of my favourite eBooks, such as Rosacea & Menopause Skin eBook. But we also released Pigmentation, Sensitive Skin, Acne & Wrinkles & Fine Lines eBooks. There’ll be another NEW eBook dropping soon.

After a lot of work, our marketing team upgraded our loyalty program.

For those of you who haven’t jumped on board, by signing up, you earn points with every purchase that can be used to make your next purchases cheaper. We also have tiers now! So many of you have been so loyal, it’s the least we can do! 

FINALLY, at the END of December when the entire team was pretty exhausted, we launched our reformulated B Calm.

We added Salicylic Acid, and we made it more light weight, but also more hydrating. All in all, it’s more effective at managing acne and red and sensitive skin.

To the many amazing ESK customers who agreed to take part in our pre-launch trial to make 100% sure it would do what it was designed to do, we once again say THANK you!!

Before I go, I want to thank the incredible team at ESK.

Daniel, Dana, Casey, Tess, Jade, Kelly, Mahla, Emma, Lily, Kathryn, Katrina, and Samantha as well as Sydney and Fiona. You guys just keep blowing us away with your dedication, professionalism and passion. 

So farewell 2022! To be honest, I’m feeling a bit exhausted.

My patients, my friends, my family are feeling similarly in need of a bit of a break. How are you spending your holidays?

Will you get some me-time? Will you be able to connect to loved ones with the space and time to enjoy it? Sending you relaxing and recharging vibes!

See you back in 2023!