Everyone's using facial rollers. Am I missing out?

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Everyone's using facial rollers. Am I missing out?

12 November 2021

Jade, rose quartz, amethysts - do natural minerals (in rollers etc) really help your skin?

Have you ever considered buying a rose quartz or jade roller or skin scuplter for your skin?

There is a belief out there that various crystals have special “energies” that they then pass on to people who use them. For example, rose quartz is the stone of love while jade is said to be cooling. Amethyst is thought to be destressing while black obsidian supposedly contains elements of fire, water, and earth.

Various crystals are also believed to possess the power to remove “toxic” energy from your body and soul.

I’m a doctor and you can guess that to my science base this is utter rubbish. I love the crystals themselves for their beauty. Hey! My daughter’s name is Jade! But the idea that rubbing them on your face will bestow any beauty advantages is pretty ludicrous.

Certainly, if you store them in the fridge, they can cool the skin on contact. Like ice, this can reduce puffiness of your skin.

Gua Sha

The Ancient Chinese practice of Gua Sha is defined as repeated, one-directional, press-stroke of lubricated skin area with a smooth-edged instrument until Sha, or blemishes, appear on the skin due to blood congestion. The blemishes disappear in between a few hours and 5 days. You read that correctly. We are not talking about a gentle sensual facial massage! It has been used for neck and back pain, and perimenopause(!)

I have seen some really beautiful amethyst, jade and rose quartz Gua Sha “skin tools” online. They seem to cost between $30 and $70. You scrape them on the face – every beautician seems to have a different regimen. (5 minutes a day, 3 minutes a day). Most suggest light pressure, which is not quite what the Ancient Chinese medicine gurus had in mind.

Evidence? There is a single study of Gua Sha. It was in mice who received Gua sha (poor little things- although they were given a little local anaesthetic first) three times a day on three days over a 7 week period and were sacrificed 2 weeks after the final ‘treatment’. Their skin contained more immune cells than the skin of mice without the Gua sha. There is no evidence for acne or aging.

Bottom line; They’re pretty, make a great Insta post and could even look great on a bathroom bench.

No need to incorporate them into your beauty regime.

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