Tracey Jewel Discusses Self-care and Skincare

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Tracey Jewel Discusses Self-care and Skincare

16 July 2021

When you’re not busy being a Mum and working, what do you do to relax?

I’m a classic binge-watcher, I can’t just stop at one episode! I journal every day and we live right near the river, so I take Frankie for walks most days…

And I love to attend any kind of retreat like breathwork, mindfulness and wellness workshops.

Self-care is different to everyone, can you share your idea of self-care?

Self-care is two things to me:

1. Everyday rituals that ensure I’m always looking after myself and filling my energy up so I can show up as my best self every day. These include repeating affirmations, journaling, creation and ideas downtime, connecting with someone (online or in-person) and aromatherapy in my home.

2. Focusing self-care in different areas of my life. I check in about 2-3 times a month with which areas of my life need some self-care and love. Is my relationship needing some attention? Is it my finances? Is it social self-care? Then I plan out some activities to make that part of my life better.

How did you manage a work-life balance?

Getting rid of the 9-5 mindset and being more than ok with the mindset of working a little bit to 6 times a week with at least 1 day completely switched off.

It’s also getting really good at boundaries,  with our phone and email always on hand, it’s up to us to say and communicate when we are available. I have three check-in times online for my socials and emails, I have designated client time and have creation time. I also have time to smash out my to-do list every day so it empties my mind so I can be present with my family and switch off!

How do you define a “good” or a “successful life”?

A great and successful life to me is consciously designing and creating a life that brings you joy, fulfilment and something to get excited about. It’s the every day!

My vision when I went on Married At First Sight 3 years ago was to be married, have another baby, and be able to work on many different projects with friends and new connections and I’m doing exactly that! I’m lucky but I’ve also worked really hard to get to where I am!  I had a vision and I went after it!

What is your favourite thing about being a mum?

This is an emotional one for me and total honesty. No one gets married and has a baby thinking they’ll get divorced. Unfortunately, I was separated and divorced when grace was just a toddler, so I never really have got to experience being a mum full time. So I’m super grateful to have Frankie and be a full-time mum, I appreciate all the little things I missed out on with my daughter.

Are you reading a book or listening to a podcast that you would recommend to our ESK community?

The Resonance Effect by Caroline McMakin is all about frequencies and raising our vibration.

Do you have a favourite song you’re listening to at the moment?

Heat Waves! My daughter put me onto Glass Animals and I’m loving it!

What’s the first memory that springs to mind when you think back on your wedding day?

It was as the car was rocking up to collect us to take us to the hall and Nate was helping me with my dress as I was heavily pregnant. He had to sit down and it took him 30 minutes to tie it up! I just remember thinking that I’ll remember this moment forever and how lucky I am to marry him.

What were your skin concerns before trying E.S.K?

I’ve always struggled with acne which got worse with pregnancy hormones and being so limited with the treatments you can use! The B Calm was a game-changer for me, it cleared up my acne as well as prevented future breakouts!

B Calm

B Calm

Calm sensitive, oily or acne prone skin with this light-weight vitamin B3 moisturising cream that glides on like silk.

  • Improve skin's barrier function
  • Manage the skin's oil production
  • Improve acne and rosacea symptoms. 

How did you prepare your skin for your wedding day?

I made my routine simple; made sure I thoroughly washed my face with the Hydroxy Cleanser at night; and drank heaps and heaps of water every day!

Hydroxy Cleanser

Hydroxy Cleanser

A soap free, lightly foaming cleanser.

  • Leaves skin feeling clean and soft
  • Doesn't strip natural oils
  • Perfect for normal/oily skin

What would your number one skin care tip be?

To be consistent with the product that makes the difference! I noticed if I skipped using the B Calm for a few days my skin was feeling like acne was forming so I make sure I keep going with the daily routine!

What’s your favourite E.S.K product?

B Calm!

What does good skincare mean to you?

I don’t like wearing a lot of makeup but I like to have that healthy glow! So finding products like ESK that are easy to use and give me that glow is my winning combo!

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New/Expectant Mums Kit

New/Expectant Mums Kit

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