Vitamin C & Rosacea - Can you use it?

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Vitamin C & Rosacea - Can you use it?

13 April 2022

Vitamin C is known to have an important role in maintaining skin integrity and also in wound healing. We know the ah-maaazzzzing things it can do for aged and pigmented skin alike. Vitamin C also has anti-inflammatory properties, helping to boost ceramides inside the skin. 

A case study of one man with rosacea that wasn’t responding to usual treatment was published showing that he had low blood levels of vitamin C and he responded well to vitamin C supplements. 

So why is it so rarely used for rosacea? 

Research tells us that we need L-ascorbic acid at a concentration of at least 10% to be effective and that L-ascorbic acid serums must be in a pH below 3.5 (acidic) to remain stable. Plus it is usually in an oil formulation to keep it stable by reducing the rate of oxidation from water.

The result? It can be irritating. In our experience one in 10 people with rosacea will get irritation from vitamin C. So, it is not included in the rosacea kit.

It’s not just us. I did a literature search on the National Library of Medicine and could not find a single study of topical Vitamin c for rosacea!

What if I want to give it a go?

Get your main skincare essentials for rosacea - niacinamide, ceramides and retinal bedded down first. Then cautiously test on a patch of skin that’s preferably not affected by rosacea, (maybe your forehead?) And see how you go! 

If you can’t tolerate vitamin C however don’t worry! You can still benefit from the actives that work a treat for your skin! 

I have rosacea, my skin is super sensitive, and I use Vitamin C serum every single morning without fail. Even during a flare up! I have to tread carefully with some other ingredients such as AHAs but vitamin C is 100% fine for me. 

Rosacea Skincare Kit - Anti Redness

Rosacea Skincare Kit - Anti Redness

This bundle is designed to gently cleanse, protect, hydrate and calm rosacea-prone skin. 

  • Reduce redness & prevent flare-ups
  • Restore skin barrier function
  • Target fine lines & wrinkles

C Serum Lite

C Serum Lite

Vitamin C in its most potent form to repair the visible signs of ageing, and to protect the skin against further sun damage.

  • Brighten the skin's appearance
  • Reduce fine lines, wrinkles & pigmentation
  • Smooth skin roughness