Why is ESK's Ageless different?

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Why is ESK's Ageless different?

04 May 2022

What makes for a good dissolving microneedle eye patch and what makes Ageless so different?

So, you’ve decided to get all the benefits of microneedles without the discomfort and need to sterilize a metal microneedle? And you’re impressed by the evidence for dissolving single use microneedle patches? Good on you! How do you work out which microneedle patch should be your new go-to?

Here’s how we approached this dilemma when making our brand new Ageless patches!

The needles:

1. Depth:

The thickness of the skin epidermis is 0.05 to 0.1mm in general (although the palms and soles are up to 1.5mm deep).

So, microneedles need to be long enough to do the hard work of delivering ingredients past the protective barrier of the skin (stratum corneum) and reach the dermis directly. But they should not be too long that they get to the pain nerves in the skin (which is anything longer than 0.5mm).

That means needle length of between 0.2mm (to ensure you get through the epidermis) and 0.4mm (to ensure you don’t hit pain fibres).

✔️ESK’s needles are 0.3mm long

2. Number of needles:

Fewer needles mean less ingredient delivered to the skin. The number of needles will depend on the size of the patch and the density of the needles. A patch may look big, but only have 450 needles … that’s not a lot.

✔️ESK’s Ageless patches have 2,000 microneedles

3. Needle composition and manufacture:

Most dissolving microneedles are made from Hyaluronic acid these days because it is so well tolerated by the skin, has low rate of immune system reactions and has its own anti-aging and skin healing properties. Hyaluronic acid microneedles can have anti-ageing ingredients embedded in their tips and are strong enough to penetrate the skin where they start dissolve when they meet the water in your skin’s dermis. Some microneedles aren’t sturdy enough to remain intact at the lengths required to get past the epidermis. So they shorten the microneedles, but there’s just no evidence for microneedles that are too short!

✔️The needles in ESK's Ageless patches are robust enough, even at 0.3mm in length to remain intact when being applied. They dissolve (usually in about 20 minutes) to release both the Hyaluronic acid and active ingredients below the outer layer of the skin.

4. Key Ingredients:

As with all things skincare, the choice of ingredients is critical. Here at ESK we are PASSIONATE about evidence based cosmeceutical ingredients. Let’s start with Retinal (the number 1 anti-aging ingredient) and Niacinamide (the ultimate skincare allrounder). Then there’s Ferulic acid (protects and repairs skin), Green tea (protects skin helps with “problem skin”) and Resveratrol (anti-inflammatory) as well as a number of peptides including Copper peptide (aging and pigmentation), Acetyl Hexapeptide-8 (“Botox” like properties), Palmitoyl Tripeptide-1 (more collagen, fewer fine lines), Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7 (anti-inflammatory)

✔️ESK’s Ageless patches are packed with evidence based ingredients

Ageless: Microneedle Patches

Ageless: Microneedle Patches

2000 dissolving microneedles melt under the surface of the skin for improved delivery of active ingredients. 

Designed for the under eye area and for fine lines and wrinkles anywhere on your face (think crow's feet, smile lines, forehead wrinkles). 

  • More efficient delivery of traditional active ingredients for improved results.
  • Reduce fine lines and increased skin elasticity and volume
  • Reduced pigmentation

Each pack contains 4 patches.