Women’s Health Week 2022

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Women’s Health Week 2022

09 September 2022

It's all about YOU! 

This is the 10th annual Women’s Health Week established and championed by the Jean Hailes Foundation.

Women are amazing caregivers and we tend to rock at providing care to our children, our besties, our partners and each other. But when it comes to caring for ourselves, we are pretty crap at it.

This week is an opportunity to refocus your lens on yourself and your own well-being for a change!

The term “self-care” can seem a bit vague but it basically means doing stuff that nourishes your physical, emotional and mental health. It is an ongoing commitment to look after yourself.

And we have countless studies that self-care can be measured and it makes a significant difference to your health.

Not sure where to start?

1. Open your eyes!

While you have half an ear out for a cough or a sniffle in your little ones in the middle of the night, while you study the face of your partner checking for signs of stress or fatigue, while you’re running around buying groceries for your mum, STOP!

How are you doing?

Not firing on all cylinders? Register that!

2. Get enough sleep.

It is the best place to start.

Without enough quality sleep you will crave the wrong foods, get stressed out by little things, your work productivity will slip and your decision making will be off.

Watching Netflix till all hours? Wrest control of the controls and prioritise your sleep above all else. Make like a grandma and go to bed!!

3. One extra veggie. 

Eating well is not a matter of reading about what to eat but doing what you know you need to do.

Take veggies. We all think we are veggie-holics but data suggests we all eat way less healthily than we think we do.

It’s just the human brain tricking us into thinking we’re all health nuts so we can just have one little chocolate as a one-off treat!

If you catch yourself mid Mars Bar, don’t freak. But head to the fridge and grab a carrot and have that too.

No carrots? Note to self; buy some veggies and wash them and then…. EAT them!!!

4. Mental health self-care

While you’re busily caring for everyone around you, are you doing ok?

There’s plenty of evidence that the rates of anxiety and depression are super high!

According to data published this year 43.7% of Australians aged between 16 and 85 have experienced a mental disorder at some time in their life.

And women have higher rates of anxiety and depression than men… So, if it’s happening to you, you’re in good company. Get help!!

5. Drink enough water

I am constantly amazed at how dehydrated my patients are!

If I ask for a pee sample some people tell me they can’t give me one or if they do, it’s a pretty dark colour indicating they’re pretty dehydrated.

A reminder that women need to drink 2.1L of fluid a day and more than that if we’re sweaty because it’s hot or we’re exercising.

Just 2% dehydration can make you feel tired and unwell!

Happy Women’s Health Week from all of us at ESK.

As dancing is a fun and effective type of exercise that can improve symptoms of anxiety and depression, the ESK team put together a funky, mood-boosting playlist!

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