This is an image of ESK's Ultimate A Cream which is an anti-aging cream containing ingredients such as Retinal (which is 20x more effective than Retinol) and Niacinamide. This product is highly effective as an anti-aging cream as Retinaldehyde is a stronger form of Retinoid/Vitamin A than Retinol and yet it is gentler on the skin. So with the combination of effective Vitamin A and Vitamin B this will improve your skin texture and tone for supple, soft and smooth skin.
This is a texture shot of the Ultimate A cream. It shows a yellow colour as Vitamin A is yellow in pigment. Retinal or Retinaldehyde is a stronger and more effective version of Vitamin A than Retinol and yes is gentler on your skin than Retinol creams or Retinol serums. Even those with sensitive skin or Rosacea are able to use ESK's Ultimate A as Retinal is less irritating or drying to the skin than Retinol.
This image displays the Ultimate A bottle alongside a 5 star review from a customer. The review reads,
This is the Ultimate A Retinal cream in the travel size. It is perfect to begin with to test if it is suitable for your sensitive skin or your rosacea face. It is also perfect for taking with you when travelling. With the same ingredients as the full size, such as Retinaldehyde and Niacinamide this is the perfect night time skincare product to target anti-aging.

Ultimate A

Vitamins A and B. Effortlessly improves skin texture and tone for skin that is soft smooth and supple. 

  • Rebuild collagen
  • Increase skin elasticity
  • Reduce hyperpigmentation
4.5 - 5.0
Aging skin
Younger skin
All skin
Free of
essential oils
100% Australian
made and owned
Cruelty free
& Vegan
Free shipping
in Australia, UK, US & NZ*
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