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5 Years of ESK

14 September 2022

Around 9 years ago I was venting to Daniel (my husband). I was sick of trawling through the skincare counters of my local department store and finding NOTHING I could recommend to my patients and Sunrise viewers.

It all started with some segments we did on Sunrise on what works in anti-aging skincare.

I did the usual thing and hit up the medical literature - as in studies published in peer reviewed medical journals and looked at the evidence.

What to use was super easy because the evidence was abundantly clear.

Finding products that matched the evidence was like trying to find a needle in a very large, very loud, very marketing-savvy haystack.

Products! Products everywhere and not a drop of evidence to be seen!

Rather than rant I got busy.

I called friends who were dermatologists and plastic surgeons. “Why do you sell stuff you know doesn’t work?”

Because they told me, they just didn’t have the time to make the stuff they knew would work and just had to run with what was available.

They crossed their fingers that “close but not quite evidence-based” would be better than nothing. 

I was perplexed. Why in an era when we knew that there was so much evidence for L-Ascorbic acid, were major companies selling products with stabilized vitamin C with no evidence?

Why in an era when we have so many studies suggesting that retinal or retinaldehyde is as effective as tretinoin - prescription vitamin A, minus the side effects were companies still selling retinol-based products? 

I went into this game aimed with idealism, indignance at people being ripped off and a head full of scientific literature. No background in finance or business savvy.

So the fact that formulating with L-Ascorbic acid and keeping it stable is HAAAARRRDDD was lost on me.

The fact that retinol is as cheap as chips but that Retinal costs an arm and a leg was a fast lesson in commerce. 

Daniel and I spent a year sorting out formulations, the logistics of getting key ingredients to Australia (retinal needs to be shipped at a constant - 20 degrees Celsius) and meeting with every dermatologist and plastic surgeon we knew.

Eventually we produced just 7 skincare products that we private labelled for the most science-oriented derms and plastic surgeons.

It took us until 2017 to have the courage to take all the knowledge and experience we had gained and launch ESK, our own brand.

Back then, Daniel was running the company from a tiny office and mini warehouse and like a prime minister, acted as not only the CEO, but also as the CFO, chief cleaner, packer and customer service team.

Since then our little Aussie company has gone from strength to strength.

And as Aussie skintellectuals have cottoned onto the difference between a product that smells and feels nice and a product backed by evidence that can change your skin for the better, more people have joined our ESK family!

Even people with challenging skin problems like rosacea, psoriasis or sensitive skin can now use cosmeceutical skincare and get the same anti-ageing and pigmentation benefits as everyone else. I can’t tell you how great that feels!

Now 5 years later Daniel and I are so proud of ESK. Our skincare is ethical and makes no claims that can’t be backed by studies.

Our team are genuinely dedicated to you getting the best out of your skin. Our work environment is fun! Daniel literally swoons over every before and after photo, we all high five every lovely comment, direct message or email we get!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to all of our incredible ESK customers. You make every day worthwhile! 

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C Forte

Hydrate and brighten your skin with this 16% L-Ascorbic Acid Serum. Vitamin C's sun damage reversing abilities are boosted when Vitamin E is added. Adding Ferulic Acid boosts it to still further for your best glow.

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Ultimate A

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