This is ESK's Ultimate A+. The stronger of our two Retinal creams! This one is better suited to those looking for a stronger Retinal or for those with acne prone skin, oily skin or thick textured skin. No need to worry when to use retinol in routine or when to apply retinol as out number format breaks it down for you, it can be used after the 4 or 4- in the evening time.
The travel size Ultimate A+, this product contains 0.1% Retinaldehyde whereas the 5 contains 0.06% Retinaldehyde so this will provide stronger results for those with acne prone skin or oily skin types.
This is a close up look at the texture of the Ultimate A+ night cream. Have you wondered when to use retinol ? We recommend in the evening time after your night serum. The texture is a lightweight cream that glides on the skin smoothly and plumps the skin.
This image shows a lady holding her ESK Ultimate A+ Retinal Serum. She has applied some to her cheek whilst holding up her bottle of Evidence Based Anti-Aging Skincare product. Do you wonder whether to use retinol before or after moisturizer ? We recommend before! You can use moisturiser after to lock in extra hydration if you need. But if you have oily skin you wont need to.
This is a man holding up his bottle of ESK Ultimate A+ night cream. This is what he uses every night instead of retinol. It doesn't cause irritation to his skin yet it is strong enough to help combat the thick texture and pigmentation on his skin.

Ultimate A+

A Vitamin A (Retinal – 0.1%), B3 (Niacinamide – 4%) and AHA (Glycolic Acid – 2%) based night cream. Vitamin A is the ingredient with the strongest anti-ageing evidence and Retinal is the most effective and least irritating form of Vitamin A. 

3.0 - 5.0
Aging skin
Younger skin
Free of
essential oils
100% Australian
made and owned
Cruelty free
& Vegan
Free shipping
in Australia, UK, US & NZ*
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